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About Bonafides Laboratory, Inc.


Bonafides Laboratory Inc. is a Colorado owned and operated, state of the art cannabis analytical laboratory. We can meet all of your marijuana testing needs and have a proven record of accomplishment with reliable laboratory testing.

We may be new to the cannabis industry, but our history of providing accurate, reliable, and legally defensible data with repeatable and traceable results has been a mainstay of our reputation. Our ability to provide a quick turnaround time on analyzed samples is a key component of our business model.

Our highly qualified staff includes a PhD in Analytical Chemistry with 25+ year of analytical chemistry experience specializing in liquid chromatography, analytical Chemists and the lab owners have been working in the production laboratory business for 10 years.

As a partner with the marijuana industry, you can be assured our testing of cannabis will be performed to the highest standard to ensure the end user a product free of contaminants and pesticides.

What We Offer


Terpenoids – GC/MS

Quanitative results for 31 terpenoids
(In Beta)

Residual Solvents – GC/MS

Butane, huptanes, hexane, benzene, toluene and total xylene
(In Beta)

Analysis of Pesticide Residue – GC/MS

Screening for frequently used pesticides and fungicides
(In Beta)

Potency Verification of Cannabinoid Levels – LC/MS

Plant based, edibles, and concentrates

Profiling, 9-THC, CBC, CBD, CBD-A, CBD-V, CBG, CBG-A, THC-V, THC-A, and CBN


Denver and Colorado licensed potency testing facility

MED Laboratory Licence #405R-00010

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